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Blue Ion

Blue Ion2


For over 19 years I've been handling toxic flooded lead acid batteries and often believed it will be something that will continue throughout the rest of my career. They're proven, relatively reliable and are a great way to launch into the world of storing your own energy. However, they are often the most problematic and costly component of a system as well. While initially they appear affordable compared to most other options that sense of reliability and capacity quickly diminishes much sooner than hoped for.  Without proper charging, watering of cells and strict oversight of their daily use they'll often fail prematurely and leave behind a carcinogenic mess to clean up. This not only leaves the homeowner with inadequate storage to power their homes reliably but places them in the situation on what storage chemistry they'll decide on next. Unfortunately some will decide to take that road again and again because they still think the industry hasn't come up with anything better. Those that take the time to compare all the details like useable capacity, maintenance, expandability, warranty, power density and cost per KWH's delivered over lifetime will agree that the Blue Ion2 from Blue Planet Energy Systems is the best battery on the market for full time off grid living. Of course those benefits apply to many other applications for this storage solution as well but sites that require full time use and abuse of their batteries are truly revolutionized once a Blue Ion storage solution is installed. No longer does a homeowner need to avoid using 50% of the capacity they've purchased. No need to struggle trying to understand why they can't seem to get all the energy out of the battery that they thought they had purchased. With Blue Ion there is no difficult math to try and figure out or Peukert's Law to compensate for. With Blue Ion the math is simple, if they want to run an 8000 watt load for a couple hours on their 16 KWH Power Up cabinet they do so with full reassurance by utilizing the intuitive battery software monitor that is included with purchase. If understanding energy terms isn't their strength they go to the convenient timer that tells them down to the minute how much energy is left before being depleted. There are no more instances where they burn fossil fuels because they are anticipating that they may damage their battery bank investment if they get close to using over 50% of their purchased capacity. With Blue Ion the capacity is predictable, reliable and completely available. Backed by Sony and Murata, with a 15 year or 8000 cycle warranty at 100% depth of discharge Blue Ion may very likely be the last battery you'll ever purchase. 

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